Las Vegas event build in Nevada.  We dad fun with a recent fabrication and mural project in Las Vegas, NV.  Every year, Alphabroder and Prime Line hosts a big imprintable apparel industry party called the PrimeTime Party. This year (2017), the event was held in Las Vegas, NV at the Light Nightclub at Mandala Bay. We were tasked with spray painting a very clean logo on a custom 8’ ft x 10’ ft faux brick skinned wall. As a result, our team was able to build this custom wall to specs. In addition, we added some uplighting to the set wall in the dark environment. Party attendees were greeting with this wall for photo ops that happened throughout the night.

“Alphabroder supplies imprintable apparel and accessories to screenprinters, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers and other businesses.” (

Las Vegas Event Brick Wall Build

Our team loves to build custom canvases for our artists to paint.  Firstly, we designed the wall to fit to the space,  Secondly, we used textures to give the artwork some dimension.  Thirdly, we cut the stencil to size.  Finally, we were able to paint the design onto the faux brick.

Vegas Faux Wall with Logo

The custom lighting added to the texture on the wall.  Furthermore, we used spray paint and a stencil for the logo. As a result, the paint really got into the grooves.  We loved the plants that the client placed at the base of the wall.

Las Vegas Event Artwork

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