Video game mural art brings us great joy to create, being avid gamers ourselves. So when we got the chance to create some art for E3 Expo — perhaps the most famous computer and gaming conference in the world — we immediately accepted the challenge!

We worked with marketing agency New Code and their client Seasun Games, a Chinese computer gaming studio. They wanted our help promoting the launch of their newest game: an update of their 2009 martial arts-based MMORPG classic JX Online 3.

In a last-minute pinch, the client came to us, looking to rent wall space for a mural. They desired a local team of artists to produce hand-painted renditions of JX Online 3 characters.

Hoping to connect the video game mural as directly to E3 as possible, we decided to seek out the perfect wall to make our canvas. We found it, right near the LA Convention Center, home to E3.

The design itself turned out to be an extremely detailed and difficult piece, measuring roughly 17 feet in height plus 15 feet in width. Furthermore, it took our team an incredible nine days to paint. But judging from the results, which you can see below, every minute of those days was worth it. The game’s characters simply come alive. Without even booting up the game you already feel like you’re in their world!  Our video game mural will remain up for four weeks for the public to enjoy. Don’t forget to buy and play the game too, it’s awesome!

video game mural

video game mural art

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