Graffiti USA is proud to work with the best graffiti artists nationwide! Their professional dedication to time sensitive projects is only a small part of what they do best. That’s why we decided to showcase some recent mural projects that we consider to be the best of the best!

This first image shows one of our artists putting the finishing touches on an exterior wall mural in NYC. Light detail work like this allows the letters to jump right off the wall, thanks to a three-dimensional effect!

Many of our artists love comic books and cartoons! Some of our more clients want something silly for their indoor office art, especially if they’re creators in their own right. Therefore, we created the mural seen in the second image, full of goofy monsters.

Graffiti artists use cherry-pickers to get work done on multi-story murals. We do this to create some secondary elements to the artwork. However, we also use heavy equipment to keep the amount of detail in a mural consistent.

Finally, the best graffiti artists know how to combine interesting imagery with an overarching theme. The final two photos show how they do this in different ways. The artwork in the gym photo promotes positive attitudes in the face of recovery. The mural in the final photo helped draw quite a crowd for a hip-hop music festival!

Fortunately, Graffiti USA has a hand in street art in every corner of the nation. Whether you’re in Portland, OR or Portland, ME – the best graffiti artists in the US are available to help you update the look of your business! If you want to know more, contact us by phone or email today.

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