Street art professionals are now for hire across the country through Graffiti USA. We specialize in contracted street art for offices, events, businesses, and more. From the East Coast to the West Coast, our graffiti artists were hard at work completing some recent projects. Let’s take a look at some of their best projects this year!

In St. Louis, one of our street art professionals let loose on an outdoor mural. Here, you can see a wide variety of unrelated imagery, placed over one another in an equally varied color palette. One story building murals like this transform a drab looking exterior into something truly memorable. That’s why we loved this project so much!

Some of our murals contain positive messaging, depending on whether the client prefers to have it or not. The next two pictures are perfect examples of this. However, we can add branded content into our murals upon request as well! The American Standard mural our mural artists made combined cartoonish imagery with a sincere homage to the creative urge so many children are keen to develop.

Finally – do you like A Tribe Called Quest? Of course you do, they’re awesome. In memorial of Phife Dawg and their last full-length album, one of our graffiti artists made this mural for the fans. Graffiti USA is proud to be a part of traditions like this, and we honor our friends in New Zealand who keep it alive for their own personal musical heroes.

Contact Graffiti USA today if you’re interested in our street art professionals’ work and what it can do for you!

Ntel Graffiti Art

Atlanta Graffiti Artist - Ben Janik

Fortune Favours The Brave

American Standard Cartoon Graffiti for Hire

Ntel Graffiti Art

Seattle ATCQ Mural Art by Merlot