A reclaimed wood wall mural live painting for a Marker’s Mark event in New York City. We were able to quickly build and paint a custom wood wall art project for the client. First, we considered a few different materials on which to paint the branded artwork. Second, our goal was to consider the content and branding elements through the layers of the build. This way, the mural has fascinating depth as an industrial style wall mural. Third, we wanted the viewers to enjoy the rustic beauty by adding a distressed element to the artwork.

Once our aesthetic decision was approved, we repurposed shipping pallets to match it for the build. As a result, we created a custom reclaimed wood wall mural that has fascinating appeal. We then prepped & primed the appropriately uneven wood-slat base. We beautifully constructed this industrial style wall off site. In addition, we painted part of artwork prior that showed the beauty of a reclaimed wood wall surface.

We delivered the wall along with a custom built riser to downtown NYC’s Essex Market. Afterwards, we finished the artwork on the reclaimed wood wall mural live during the celebration of the Maker’s identity. Furthermore, our agency recently took a new office, and the OOH wall mural advertising portion of this campaign had quite a street presence at the time of the live event. As a result, this made for a fun reminder of the fabric of the “maker culture” that the brand push was originally referencing.

Live Art on Reclaimed Wood

Makers Mark Event - Live Art

Graffiti Art Live on Wood Wall

NYC Event Live Art Backdrop

Art Character New York Whiskey Event

Lower East Side Live Art Event in NYC

Custom Built Walls & Canvases

We have built all kinds of custom walls in addition to reclaimed wood wall murals. For example, we have created plexiglass canvases and large scale mural towers. If you are interested in working with us to create a custom canvas & wall for your event, please e-mail art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024