Creative live art painted on plexiglass backwards at an event.  We worked with the amazing team at Extraordinary Events to create some live graffiti art at this year’s conference hosted by the National Retail Federation.  We have painted many canvases for live art events in the past, but this time, we were tasked to fabricate a see through plexiglass canvas along with the challenge of our artist creating the work backwards!  Our artists are always open to tackle new concepts and this was definitely an interesting opportunity for us.

Our team ended up creating a 10 ft x 5 ft custom frame that held a piece of plexiglass.  As a result, the plexiglass could be swapped out.  The client was understanding of the creative process and very pleasant to work with. We came up with a design to convey the theme of this year’s conference.

When painting artwork backwards, you need to plan to create the outline first and essentially do everything we would normally do in reverse.  There is a lot of planning ahead involved.  Fortunately, we were able to also embellish the piece on the front side as well to add some finder detail.  We were very happy with the end results.  Check out the completed piece and time lapse video of the artwork below:

Creative Live Art on Plexiglass

Painting Backwards on Glass at Event

Creative Live Art Graffiti for Event

Custom Built Wall for Graffiti Art

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