Philadelphia graffiti wall activation for 2019 Made in America Festival. We were hyped to be collaborate with Roc Nation again for this year’s MIA music festival in Philly. Last year, we painted an interactive canvas for festival goers to color in. We even had to flip over the canvas for more space because it was so successful! As a result, this year, we wanted to provide more space and creative freedom for guests.

We kept the design very minimal with the letters “MIA” on two freestanding canvases that we built. In addition, we provided a ton of brightly colored paint markers for guests to use. Our professional graffiti artist was on site to educate people how to do tags. Some guests needed no guidance and had a blast. We took the photos below at the beginning of the festival. However, we filled up the canvases by the end of the day. Most importantly, we made sure the artist and festival goers had fun with a memorable experience.

Philadelphia Graffiti Wall – History

We understand that when it comes to public art, Philadelphia is one of the capitals of mural art and street art. There is a lot of history with graffiti artists like Cornbread that originated in this city. As a matter of fact, there is an age old dispute of whether graffiti started in Philadelphia or New York.  Some of the Philadelphia graffiti wall scribbles you may see in parking lots across the city could have historical significance!

Graffiti Art for Festivals

The festival artist line up for this year included Cardi B, Travis Scott, Lizzo, Juice Wrld and more! We specialize in creating artwork for music festivals as well as interactive coloring murals. Therefore, we were a perfect fit for this Philadelphia graffiti wall event. We have worked on several other music festivals including GovBallNYC and The Meadows. Graffiti is the perfect edgy art form to connect with the younger demographic that attend music festivals.

If you are interested in working with us for a music festival activation, e-mail us at or call 646-801-6024 to discuss. We are excited to help make your artistic idea become reality!

Made in America Festival Crowd

Philadelphia Graffiti Wall

Interactive Graffiti Art at Music Festival

Philly Music Festival Activation Graffiti Wall

Legal Philadelphia Graffiti Wall

Philadelphia Music Festival Art

Interactive Art at Music Festival