This is a NYC graffiti backdrop for a local music festival. Recently, we connected our new friend Monks with the folks at GovBall. They wanted us to paint one of our new NYC graffiti backdrop murals for them, so we wanted to show them what Monks could do.

After much hard work, the festival mural was on display at Randall’s Island during the event. These artist towers are the perfect scale for portrait images shot on phones. As a result, we created some amazing photo ops, present in the photos below!

Monks is an emerging street artist from Lima, Pera. Some of his best graffiti art in New York City draws inspiration from nature. He adds bold, psychedelic color twists to floral designs. Often, he transforms tropical jungle creatures into superheroes of the concrete jungle. When Monks reached out to us, we knew that his work was a good fit for the festival. The massive response on social media streams suggests that the revelers certainly agreed! 

In addition, we also worked with the talented Bronx native CES on another canvas (see the third photo, first backdrop on the left). It’s also been our pleasure to work with the GovBallNYC team for a fourth year in a row! Ever since we made our NYC graffiti backdrop premiere in 2016, we are proud to produce fantastic artwork for arguably the best music festival in our hometown.

If you need a festival mural or a backdrop like the ones seen here, we offer our services nationwide!

Photo Credit: @alivecoverage @just_a_spectator @jnsilva

GovBall 2019

NYC Festival Backdrop

Gov Ball Mural Tryptich

festival mural photo op