Custom Graffiti Art for residence. Our part in helping renovate this Prospect Park Victorian home. The homeowner wanted to add energy into the play area of their basement. Jack and Henry, the kids of the house, are using the basement most. At first, the creative idea was to design an abstract mural. Then, it became clear that the the creative direction needed to shift to a more illustrative design. To create personalized content we incorporated the boy’s interests and their names into a NYC subway theme.  A street art and graffiti vibe unites the different elements. Working with the client and their interior designer/architect, everyone was very happy with the the custom graffiti art. Especially the “grittiness” that spray paint gave the mural.

Custom Graffiti Art

Custom Graffiti Art

Custom Graffiti Art

The spray can in action, breaking the 4th wall. If this was a movie we’d be talking to the camera right now.

Graffiti Interior Design

Wu tang is for the kids. Getting them started early with three or four different styles.

NYC Subway Kids Graffiti

Great to be a part of a pretty amazing little cave for the kids of the house. We look forward to the next residential project we design with a local family.

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