A graffiti model shoot that we worked on with Swisher Sweets in Los Angeles.  We painted a backdrop graffiti mural for their 2016 “Swisher Sweeties” calendar shoot. The wildstyle graffiti lettering that said “SWISHER” was painted by our local Los Angeles street artist.  In addition, our artist completed the artwork live during the shoot.  As a result, there were many different stages of the mural throughout the shoot.  This made for multiple colorful backdrops in one piece!

Graffiti and street art provides a dynamic backdrop for modern day model photo shoots.  Our  Los Angeles graffiti artists have many years of experience.  Furthermore, we can create permanent murals for office interiors. as well as outdoor mural advertisements. Our graffti artists can also host team building workshops in Los Angeles as well.

There are some things to keep in mind when booking a graffiti model shoot.  Firstly, if you don’t have a wall, we can provide custom fabricated canvas walls.  Secondly, if it’s an interior location, you want to use water based spray paint to cut down fumes. Thirdly, our graffiti artists are very comfortable in front of the camera. Finally, we are here to make your creative vision come to life.  Don’t be worried about sharing your wildest ideas!

Check out some photos of the piece along with some of the final shots with the models!

los angeles graffiti artist for hire

los angeles graffiti artist for hire

Graffiti Model Photo Shoot in LA

LA Graffiti Model Photo Shoot - Swisher Sweets

Street Art Photo Shoot Models in LA

Los Angeles Mural Company - Photo Shoot

Los Angeles Graffiti Artist for Hire - Swisher Sweets

All photos with the models are taken from: http://swishersweets.com/

For project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024