Mural graffiti artists are available for commission street art through our mural company, Graffiti USA. Clients often get scared off when they hear the word “graffiti.” However, our professional graffiti artists for hire are able to paint murals that are beautiful. We take our craft very seriously. As a result, we are the nation’s best mural company with a proven track record of satisfied corporate clients, .

Washington DC Graffiti Artist

As the best mural graffiti artist company, we offer two distinct directions. First, we can connect you organically with an artist that fits your ideal aesthetic. Second, we can design a mural in-house with our team and find the appropriate production muralist. As a result, you will not find yourself dealing with long lead times for murals.

Our mural graffiti artists are a great solution if you are looking for a return on your investment. We understand that art is subjective and hard to measure success. Therefore, we have built out a streamlined process that makes the creative development much easier.

Firstly, we have a creative meeting to help build a proper creative brief. Secondly, using the approved creative brief, we provide an initial concept design to show direction. Thirdly, once a direction is approved, we create a sketch rendering. Fourthly, we allow up to 2 rounds of revisions of the artwork. Finally, once the sketch is approved, we schedule the mural graffiti artist for the installation.

A lot of times, people ask for a mural graffiti artist not knowing what they want. What they really mean is artwork that is created with spray paint. However, true graffiti art is based on complex lettering styles. We have the ability to paint either lettering or imagery with spray paint. Furthermore, a more edgy look & feel of the artwork is achieved when using spray paint.

Graffiti Mural Collage – Lettering

Some of the more popular graffiti mural artist styles are collages of different graffiti words and phrases. This is a fun mural style that often contrasts with clean, corporate spaces and gives life to the environment. As a result, we can incorporate company values and keywords into a wall mural.

Graffiti Mural Artists - Collage

The Canteen Graffiti Mural

Portrait Based Murals

Portraits are another popular direction graffiti mural artist designs. Using spray paint, we can create all kinds of face portrait styles. However, we are not limited to only spray paint and can use traditional brush methods. In addition, faces can also be posterized so that they are easier to paint to fall into a medium detail category.

Graffiti Artist Murals - Portraits

La Dama Restaurant Graffiti

Abstract Graffiti Art

When clients are looking for a more timeless solution that is not as literal, we recommend abstract graffiti. We can design geometric shapes and patterns with any color combination. In addition, we can merge abstract backgrounds w/ focal point design elements. As a result, this is a great way to bring a lot of color into a space without being overwhelming. Let our graffiti mural artists help with abstract designs.

NY Restaurant Mural Abstract

The Jones Mural

Many people associate graffiti art with outdoor murals. However, our mural projects actually consist of more interior murals than exterior ones. Our street artists paint office murals indoors more than the large scale graffiti you see outdoors in New York City.

In conclusion, we have graffiti mural artists available for all kinds of projects that involve professional graffiti. If you would like to chat about a custom mural, e-mail us at or call 646-801-6024