Mural artist NYC for hire. As a mural company based in New York City, have experienced mural artists that have backgrounds in graffiti and street art. Many people don’t realize that NYC graffiti artists understand how to paint large scale murals efficiently. For example, this is a unique trait that makes us different from traditional studio artists. Studio artists who are scaling up their artwork for the first time run into many challenges.

Our mural agency was started by mural artists in NYC with graffiti roots. The owners grew up painting the streets of Queens in their youth. Firstly, our company goal is to promote and protect the culture of mural artists in NYC. Secondly, we don’t want to exploit this subculture that we are passionate about. Thirdly, we want to educate the public that about how the best mural artists in the world started as graffiti artists. Finally, our goal is to provide a premium, top notch services from the best mural artists in NYC.

Office Mural - NYC

We have experience painting murals all across America, but our home and hearts are in the city that never sleeps (NYC.) In addition, we also consult and connect clients with some of the top mural artists in NYC for artist features. Furthermore, we have in-house design and production services for client directed artwork.

We have painted murals all across NYC in every borough including Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and State Island. For example, you can see all the different murals we have painted in each borough below.

Queens Mural Project – Awisco

Here’s a mural artist NYC project that we painted in Queens for AWISCO, a local welding supplier. For instance, we added elements of NYC and Queens in a classic postcard style mural. In addition, we designed and painted other signage within their shop. This postcard style mural is very popular as it incorporates both text and imagery. As a result, if you like this type of mural style, you should check out the Greetings Tour!

Queens Outdoor Graffiti Mural Artist NYC

AWISCO Queens Mural Industrial

Bronx School Murals – Lighthouse Charter School

In the Bronx, our NYC mural artists painted several murals in a charter school. There were a lot of different walls that needed unique artwork. As a result, we painted more minimal wall mural designs to meet the creative ask. For instance, some of the artwork also included directional signage which served multiple purposes. In the end, we were happy to create a more fun learning environment for the Bronx students.

Bronx Mural Artist NYC

Brooklyn – Attri Enterprises

Most recently, we had the chance to paint a Brooklyn mural down the block from our studio. The client was open to our creative direction to create a landmark mural for the neighborhood. Furthermore, they were nice enough to provide an additional wall of theirs for our artists to paint traditional graffiti lettering. As a result, this was a fun project where we got to do what we do best!

Brooklyn NYC Street Art

Staten Island – Fabrication & Event Production

We have a close connection to Staten Island for various mural projects. One of our fabrication teams is located in this borough. We build out and prep a lot of our events here for our mural artists in NYC. For instance, we are able to construct custom temporary walls for live events. As a result, we are a full-service mural and production company.

Staten Island Graffiti Art Mural

Manhattan – Corporate Office Murals

Most of the mural artists in NYC that we work with have completed installations from downtown to uptown. However, these murals are usually painted indoors and not outdoors. The reason for this is because there is limited exterior wall space for art in the city. As a result, a majority of our NYC mural projects happen in offices, businesses, etc.

Corporate Office Chalk Art for Oakley

Oakley Chalk Art

In conclusion, we have mural artists NYC available for all kinds of projects that involve painting large scale. If you would like to chat about a custom mural, e-mail us at or call 646-801-6024