Hire a muralist from the Graffiti USA mural agency.  We are a hand paint mural company based in New York and Los Angeles with mural artists for hire across the country.  Our street artists specialize in the medium of spray paint but are also proficient with traditional brush applications as well.  As a result, our mural agency is flexible with painting many styles of art including graphic, organic and detailed realism.

Minnesota Graffiti Agency - Hire a Muralist

Minneapolis Muralist for Hire

When hiring a muralist for a wall mural project, there are a few initial steps to help provide a high level estimate.  Firstly, we need to know the size of the walls we are painting.  Secondly, we would like to have a discussion about the level of detail and creative direction.  Thirdly, we would need to know where and when the artwork needs to be completed.  Finally, we can share our streamlined creative process that includes rounds of revisions of the design.

Process of a Mural Commission Project

Once the artwork design is ready, we try to schedule the muralist for hire at least 2 weeks ahead.   This give us enough time to gather supplies and prepare the design.  Depending on the design, we may either grid out the wall, project the design or use a pounce pattern.  Therefore, the application method will affect the time of day that we start creating the mural artwork.  Once the initial sketch is up, we can start filling in the mural with color.

Office Mural - NYC - Hire a Muralist

Graffiti Mural in Office – NYC

When hiring a graffiti artist to work on outdoor street art, we have to be mindful of weather conditions.  As a result, we are not responsible for anything out of our control that may push out timelines such as rain or snow.  However, most murals under 200 sq. ft. can be completed within a few days.  When we work indoors, we make sure we leave the space exactly as we found it.  As professional graffiti artists, it’s our job to fully protect the space especially when using spray paint.  We take this part of the job very seriously and our clients certainly take notice!

Muralist for Hire Graffiti Services

Unlike most mural companies, we are a one stop shop that also offers muralists for hire to paint live at events.  We also fabricate and install temporary mural walls for activations.  In addition, we offer mural painting workshops as company team building events and ice breakers.  No artistic background is necessary to participate in our graffiti workshops.

Miami Street Art Workshop

If you are ready to hire a muralist to create some memorable and impactful artwork, feel free to shoot us an email at art@graffiti-artist.net or call us at 646-801-6024