We worked on another design for a Los Angeles office mural near the beach this time. We captured all things sunny and chill in this Santa Monica inspired piece. The Santa Monica Pier sign was the main focal point.  In addition, we incorporated a lifeguard stand and the silhouette of the pier.  Also, we used colors fading between splashes of inverse white

The beach vibes are strong at Nvidia Lightspeed Studios in LA. They are a tech gaming brand with an international parent company.  The client wanted artwork that sharply identified their location in California. With that said, we worked with the client feedback to create a cohesive piece by our LA mural artist team.

Los Angeles Office Mural

Los Angeles Office Graffiti Mural

Los Angeles Office Street Art Mural

Santa Monica Mural Company

Santa Monica Pier Mural

LA Mural for Offices

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