Brooklyn graffiti artist for hire company. Our local Brooklyn based street artists are available for mural commissions throughout New York City. The urban art that we create is often done with spray paint. The street art movement is a unique art form that’s not formally taught in schools. The NYC graffiti scene was birthed on the subway trains. Many people don’t realize that murals painted by artists in Bushwick, Brooklyn often come from street art and graffiti backgrounds. Many of the most famous contemporary artists today like Steve Powers, Keith Haring and Barry McGee come from a background of New York graffiti.

Recently, we partnered with our neighbors at Attri Enterprises to paint an exterior mural on their business property in East Williamsburg. Our Brooklyn graffiti artists paid homage to the borough with a unique text based design that spelled out “Brooklyn” over a NYC font in the background. The interesting part of this piece was the repeated dot patterns that appears to be solid from afar. However, when the viewer comes close to the wall, they notice a lot more texture. As a result, this piece reads differently when driving by in a car from afar and walking by up close!

In addition to the Brooklyn mural artist piece facing Metropolitan Ave. we also curated a series of traditional style graffiti pieces on the side block. Some of the artists that painted on this wall included, Dmote, Stae2, Casey Bolding and more. As a company with founders that have deep roots in the graffiti culture, we always try to promote the history of spray paint art. Furthermore, we offer a yearly scholarship for students interested in pursuing a career in graffiti and street art. You can find out more about the Klughaus scholarship on our parent company’s website.

Brooklyn Graffiti History

Brooklyn has a deep history when it comes to famous graffiti artists. Some of the best street artists came from this borough. Today, Brooklyn is the home to some of the best graffiti art in the world. Street graffiti was prominent along the waterfront in Williamsburg when it was an industrial neighborhood. The tagging evolved into pieces and evolved into the murals you see all around these areas today.

If you go deeper along the J & L subway lines into Bushwick, you will find those Brooklyn neighborhoods still have a lot of culture and street art. The areas now look more like what Williamsburg did in the past before all the condos and new construction appeared. As a result, the Brooklyn graffiti artists ended up moving all over NYC to spread their styles. You will find amazing street art and murals through many Brooklyn neighborhoods from Greenpoint to Coney Island.

Our Brooklyn mural artists do more than just install permanent murals. We also specialize in creating temporary artwork for events and hosting street art workshops as well. The team building events are hosted by professional Brooklyn graffiti artists. Our mural company is a one stop shop and we even offer fabrication services for activations.

Importance of Public Art

When it comes to public art, it’s important to factor in the residents and businesses in the community. There’s a sense of social responsibility when it comes to putting art up in a public space. For example, our mural at Attri Enterprises featured the name of the borough to give locals a chance to represent where they are from. It also gives a chance for out of town visitors to show where they have traveled to.

Public art also brings foot traffic and activates public spaces. This leads to safer environments and also increased business. Public art directly influences how people see and connect with a place, providing access to aesthetics that support its identity and making residents feel appreciated and valued. Aesthetics is one of the top three characteristics why residents attach themselves to a community. In addition, public art also provides a visual mechanism for understanding other cultures and perspectives, reinforcing social connectivity with others. Seventy-three percent of Americans agree that the arts “helps me understand other cultures better.

Brooklyn Graffiti Artist NYC

Mural Detail Dots - Brooklyn

Brooklyn NYC Street Art

Stae2 Graffiti Art Piece