Giveaway Art Mural in Chicago. We created a fun and interactive live street art piece for a Bare Minerals event.  This was a similar concept to an event at Yahoo using Phone cases as well as Acid Cigarillos with larger canvases in the past. First, we affixed several small canvases onto a large 8×8 temporary wall using velcro. Our Chicago graffiti artist then created an abstract image of lips with repeating stencils layered across the entire wall. The painting happened live while using water based spray paint with low odor since it was an indoor event.

Bare Minerals Banner

Bare Minerals Banner

Bare Minerals Blank Canvases

Giveaway Art Mural take-home pieces

Firstly, we fabricated the temporary seamless wall at our studio.  Secondly, we adhered various sized canvases on to the wall.  Thirdly, we protected the space under the canvas from overspray.  Fourthly, we spray painted the branded artwork across the entire surface.

Giveaway Art Mural - Close up Shot of Painted Canvases

Detail of Canvases

Chicago Lips Street Art

Abstract Lips

Stencil Art Across Canvases - Giveaway Art Mural

Stencil Art Across Canvases

After the Giveaway Art Mural was completed, attendees got to take home an abstract piece of art that made up the larger piece! It was a great way to do giveaways and the element of live art together. Everyone was picking their favorite colors and most interesting pieces. Also at the end of the event, our artist signed a bunch of the canvases for the audience.

Taking Free Art from the Lip Mural wall for Bare Minerals

Taking Free Artwork

Chicago Gift Canvases

Chicago Gift Canvases

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