Art giveaway ideas on bandanas.  We created live graffiti style artwork using airbrush in Austin, New York City and Los Angeles.  The event was a cocktail competition for Tahona Society in collaboration with Altos Tequila.  The Tahona Society is a global network of passionate Bartenders that sets out to recognize and celebrate the ancient art of true Tequila production.

“Flavors, smells, passion, FUN.  These are a few words used by contending bartenders to describe “The Tahona Sociey” event. A cocktail competition created in 2010 by Altos Tequila that goes beyond the mere contest and stands for that which its name declares: a society of bartenders that comes together every year from local competitions to share their skills and knowledge during a week of hard work and key learnings. A week that also gives them the opportunity to know and comprehend Mexico from a very particular point of view: its traditional food and flavors.” (Altos)

Firstly, we designed and built a wall made up of white bandanas with the client’s logo on in it.  Secondly, our artists created murals with the themes of sustainability with Mexican folk art inspiration.  Thirdly,  we used airbrush to paint the artwork across hundreds of bandanas.  Finally, after the murals were completed, attendees got to take the headbands off the wall.  As a result, each bandana transformed into a unique abstract piece of wearable art.  Check out some images from the work in multiple cities below:

Brooklyn, NY Airbrushing on Bandana Giveaways

Art Giveaway Ideas in NYC on Bandanas

Completed Airbrush Mural in Brooklyn, NY

New York Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Bandana Canvas Wall in Brooklyn, NY

New York Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Artist creating the Airbrush mural in Brooklyn, NY

Our Brooklyn art giveaway idea mural focused on abstract shapes of limes as well as the agave plant.  In addition, our live artist was very friendly and interactd with the guests.

Austin, TX Event – Art Giveaway Ideas

Austin Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Austin, TX Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Art Giveaway Ideas in Ausitn on Bandanas

Completed Airbrush Mural in Austin, TX

Los Angeles, CA – Live Art Event

LA Live Airbrush Artist for Hire

Completed Airbrush Mural in Los Angeles, CA

Art Giveaway Ideas in LA on Bandanas

Live Airbrush Mural on Bandanas at Los Angeles Event

Completed LA Airbrush Mural

Completed LA Airbrush Mural

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