A pharmaceutical office mural we worked on in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. We designed and installed the wall art at their office & lab location in West Conshohocken, PA. Our client, GlaxoSmithKlein strives to improve our quality of life through studying molecular biology. In addition, they market the scientific results the pursuit yields. We helped bring in some modern graffiti art as a wall mural into their office space hallways. This is no the first time we have painted artwork in a pharmaceutical office. Check out this previous pharmaceutical office mural project with Eisai in New Jersey as well.

We placed the office mural on two long walls that would eventually include bulletin and chalkboards. As a result, we limited the coverage of the artwork. This way, they could incorporate spaces in between designs for employee interaction. It was our pleasure to bring vibrant colors to the somewhat antiseptic environment that this type of work calls for. Furthermore, we were happy to enrich the daily experience of the people who might one day prolong our own lives!

Office Mural Creative Process

The creative design process for this pharmaceutical office mural went smoothly. We wanted to shine some light on the different groups because their lab teams are wonderfully diverse.  As a result, we were happy to create artwork representing employees, luminaries in their field, and graphic molecules.

We had quite the experience of using spray paint in a hermetically sealed & heavily monitored laboratory environment!  Firstly, we definitely go above and beyond when it comes to protection of spaces and leaving it exactly as we found it.  Secondly, we have full insurance and we constantly work in spaces with important equipment and assets.  Thirdly, we do our best to work outside of typical work hours to keep fumes low.  Despite feeling a bit like we were the test subjects ourselves during the install, we are pleased with the finished product & what it represents for their office culture.

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Pharmaceutical Office Mural

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Pharma Office Mural

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