Pharmaceutical mural we recently painted at the offies of Eisai Inc.  We helped design and hand paint a series of custom murals in their Woodcliff Lake, NJ offices.  In addition, the client wanted to show the company values in a professional and conservative way.  However, they also  wanted to incorporate an edgy spray painted aesthetic.  As a result, we were definitely the right mural company for the job.  We are the spray paint specialists.

We got to have a little more fun with 7 additional walls where we depicted formulas and molecular structures of their drugs reacting inside the human body.  Our team of 3 artists were able to a total of 12 interior walls over a weekend!  Check out some photographs of the installation below:

Company Value Murals

Pharmaceutical Mural for Office Space in NJ

The first series of murals incorporated multiple walls that each focused on a company value.  In addition, we used a color theme from their company brand guidelines.  The murals incorporated silhouettes and abstract imagery that didn’t cover the entire wall space.  This way, the artwork didn’t feel too overpowering.

Teamwork Office Mural in NJ

Teamwork makes the dream work!  Furthermore, diversity and inclusivity was a minor theme across of these designs.

Professionalism Interior Office Wall Art

Professionalism and Integrity were additional company value themes that we visualized with imagery.

Integrity Company Values Mural

Science Themed Murals

Science Pharamceutical Mural for Office

For thes rest of the murals, we played with the different images of science.

Science Molecular Structure Hand Painted Mural

We never thought that we would paint some the molecular structures.  This project brought back the days of chemistry class.  For some of the elements, we used vinyl stencils so it would look very clean and crisp.

Abstract Medical Pharma Office Mural

Some of these designs were fun to  paint using spray paint istead of traditinoal brush.  The client wanted a graffit and street art feel.  As a result, this was the perfect medium to make their vision come to life.

Science and Lab Graffiti Art Interior

Firstly, our goal was to discuss the different visions of the client.  Secondly, we designed some rough concepts to visualize their goals.  Thirdly, we creaed more detailed sketches for approval.  Finally, once all of the artwork was approved, we came in to paint the artwork.

New Jersey Mural Artist for Hire

Street Art Company in New Jersey - Spray Paint

Finally, we added in some more graphic red blood cells to give more variety to styles.

Red Blood Cells Wall Art

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