Virginia mural artist for hire.  We painted a recent parking garage with a bike themed mural for Transwestern.  Our client was rated the best place of employment for Millennial by Forbes magazine three times.  As a result, we were not surprised when they came looking for a mural to beautify their bike room.  Our artists have painted interior and exterior murals all over the Washington DC area already.

Firstly, the references provided during the creative process were interesting.  Secondly, they had more examples of what the team did not want (equally useful!) Thirdly, the VA location’s proximity to DC allowed for integration of an abstract patriotic design.  We utilized shades of those primary reds & blues that look so good on a white wall!  Finally, our Virginia mural artist got to work painting the approved art.

We have experience painting in a lot of parking garages as well as bike rooms.  Our artists use top quality paints to create timeless & engaging murals to brighten up the everyday lives of employees and residents.  We were very happy with the final artwork and how clean the finished space looked.

Virginia mural artist

Check out some of the detail shots of the young biker character that we created!  Our Virginia mural artist did an amazing job with the execution of this mural.

Arlington graffiti artist for hire

Our mural was located in the parking lot right next to the bike room.  We designed the mural so that it flowed towards the entrance.  As a result, this artwork also acted as a landmark for bikers.

Virginia graffiti mural

Graffiti artist for hire in VA

Bike room parking lot mural

Murals, Graffiti & Street Art in Virginia

If you are looking to work with a Virginia mural, artist contact our team.  We specialize in interior murals, exterior murals and live art for events as well.  In addition, we can fabricate and do custom builds for activations as well.  Send us an email to or call 646-801-6024 to collaborate!