DC mural artist for hire specializing in large scale outdoor wall art.  Mackenzie-Childs is an eccentric boutique specializing in ceramics, enamelware, and other upscale home decor and gifts.  They came to us to help with a pop-up shop they were opening in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Our client had the desire to grab the attention of a new neighborhood.  In addition, they were looking to transform their ordinary storefront into something that stood out.  Therefore, it would increase awareness and foot traffic.

Our team gave their two-story building façade a complete facelift.  We painted the entire building with a rich red backdrop.  Futhermore, we spray painting a photorealistic image of one of their most popular enamel tea kettles. In conclusion, the client was thrilled with our professionalism and timely execution.  They are even considering updating the mural come winter time.

DC Mural Artist for Hire

Washington DC WIP Outdoor Art

We had the challenge of working on a steep street with a grade.  As a result, we had to use a boom lift instead of a scissor lift.  We are very profesional and keep a clean work space.  In addition, our goal is to make sure we respect the neighbors and keep them happy.

Public Art Installatio in Georgtown

Large Scale DC Murals

For DC mural artist project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024