Our Bronx indoor mural artists for hire. We worked on another fun collaboration with Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School in the Bronx. Our designs consisted of themed murals for different sections of the school. We painted murals inspired by “crests” much like the house crests featured in Harry Potter. The murals captured the names and visually told the story of these crests. Furthermore, we used elements of each symbol and abstract imagery to create distinct looks for each part of the school.

For example, we designed a staircase mural that transitioned from the lower grades to middle through high school. As a result, this reflected a change into the college prep section of the building for the older students. It was a fun challenge to create designs appealing to various age groups and showing progression. We hope the students enjoyed their first day of school and seeing the new pieces throughout. We were excited to welcome the students back with new inspiring artwork on the walls!

In the past, we worked on other murals throughout the school. Check out some of those murals here. We are always happy to partner with repeat clients and to make a difference in kids’ lives. Many years are spent in school for education and it’s a great solution to provide a fun environment for students.

In addition, we host a yearly scholarship program through our parent company Klughaus in collaboration with Scholarship America. We love to work with kids and give them an opportunity to make a career out of doing something they love.

If you are ready to work with us on a Bronx indoor mural, e-mail art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024