This year, New Balance in collaboration with NYRR, turned to the Graffiti USA team once again. Graffiti USA is providing the interactive graffiti artwork for this year’s New Balance Bronx 10 Mile. On race day, runners are using the interactive mural backdrop as a selfie backdrop at Macombs Dam Park. Almost 15,000 runners are participating in this year’s run. That detail makes the event was the largest in its history.

Our goal for this art piece – creating an interactive work of art that serves as a seflie spot as well as an interactive station. Also, we wanted to capture what New York means to runners both local and travelling here. In the beginning, brainstorming lead to the idea of an interactive work that was musical. Creation was simple and took place over the months leading up to the event.

Then, in the week leading up to the race, the interactive graffiti artwork was set up at the New York Road Runners Center. This was where folks took turns taking selfie’s and scratching their beats using the engineered touch points on the artwork. Finally, the art piece was moved to the race on race day!

Now, take a sneak peek at this year’s event recap and enjoy some tunes!

Next, here are some photos of the interactive graffiti artwork at the NYRR Center:

NYC Bronx Interactive Graffiti Artwork

Selfie Mural Backdrop

NYRR Bronx Mural

Finally, here are pictures of the interactive graffiti artwork moved to the Bronx for the race day!

Bronx Graffiti Artist

Bronx Graffiti Artist Created Interactive Art

Bronx Graffiti Artist's Graffiti mural

Bronx Graffiti Artist created interactive graffiti artwork

Overall, we are happy with the outcome and results of this interactive graffiti artwork project. In addition, we are looking forward to another opportunity to show off our Graffiti Artist’s skills in future projects. For project inquiries, please contact us at On the other hand, call 646-801-6024 if you prefer phone conversations! We look forward to talking with you soon!