We are longtime fans of the show Workaholics.  As such, the excitement we felt when finding out that we were creating an ad campaign street art set for them was pretty high.  The murals goal – promoting their final season.

First, Comedy Central reached out to us to create a custom mural. The murals were used for a billboard in Los Angeles and subway ads in New York City. Next, we started brainstorming in our LA studio. Following, we painted some life-sized portraits of the characters. We chose a realism style using spray paint.  Next, we shot images of the pieces created so we could store them for their design online.

Finally, those ad campaign street art designs received display places in subways and on billboards. While it’s sad to see the show come to an end, we were delighted to be a part of creating these works!

Do you need a starting point? Here’s a bit about the show from Google, “Late nights and lazy days are a thing of the past for three college friends who enter the workforce together. Well, maybe not! For Blake, Adam and Anders, making the transition from slacker students to prompt professional telemarketers isn’t a smooth one, considering dress codes, deadlines and actually using an alarm clock are foreign concepts to the guys. So they spend their days avoiding doing any real work before looking for a good time at night.”

Now, feel free to check out some photos of the ad campaign street art below.

graffiti portrait

Also, we painted a smaller, scaled version with all three characters for the NY subway ad campaign street art:

street art portrait

While creating the billboards, painting larger portraits of each character individually took place for a digital layout.  Continue below for a look.

street art portrait

graffiti portrait

street art portrait

Finally, here are shots of the final ad campaign street art (on Sunset & La Cienega) along with the smaller ads in the NY subway stations.

ad campaign street art Portrait

Workaholics ad campaign street art

Workaholics Mural Subway Ad

Overall, we are happy with the outcome and results of this project. In addition, we are looking forward to another opportunity to show off our Graffiti Artist’s skills in future projects. For project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net. On the other hand, call 646-801-6024 if you prefer phone conversations!