An effective inspirational art campaign can go either one of two ways. On one hand, it can move everyday people through the imagery alone. On the other, it can convince everyday people to reflect on concepts they may have taken for granted.

The Gap has made a name for itself as ad masterminds, combining dance and art in commercials and beyond. However, it may not be common knowledge that their marketing staff get other forms of talent on board! Glossblack and Fik-Shun collaborated on this awesome Dance x Art piece for The Gap Fall 2017 campaign. Supporting the mixed media project was a video created by Director X. Director X is responsible for creating many iconic music videos, including “Hotline Bling” by Drake, “Work” by Rihanna, and “Body Part” by Ciara.

#MeetMeInTheGap is the hashtag that binds every element of this inspirational art campaign together. It’s about bringing people together to discover the beautiful things we can create. When we take the chance to spend time with people who aren’t exactly the same creatively, something very interesting happen. We get to know everybody in the gap between ourselves and everyone else. It is only there that we tend to discover we have more in common than we thought.

Below, you can check out a few photos we took during the production stages of the campaign:

Birds Eye View of Gap Campaign

Detail Work

Inspirational Art 3-Piece 1

Inspirational Art 3-Piece 2

The final product came together in ways we couldn’t imagine! Therefore, it wouldn’t be fair to talk about the process of working on the inspirational art campaign without linking you to the video. Check it out here!

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