Eco friendly graffiti artists that focus on sustainability. Graffiti USA partners with graffiti and street artists who specialize in green and environmentally friendly graffiti art. We are very conscious about our carbon footprint on this planet. Furthermore, we hope that we can convey a message through art.  As a result, this will promote recycling and sustainability for the future generation.  Hire an environmentally conscious graffiti artist through our mural agency for your next project.

We recently painted an office mural for Rubicon Global, a sustainable waste solutions company in Atlanta. For this eco friendly themed office graffiti mural, we incorporated imagery of recycling and renewable energy sources.

Here’s an awesome fabricated piece of artwork by one of the artists we work with (2Alas.) The artist incorporates plants into his unique lino cut designs. This is one of our favorite pieces and a perfect solution as a temporary event decoration or a permanent installation.

Moss Street Art - Plants

Moss Graffiti Art Installation in Miami, FL

A pair of our favorite artists from Hawaii (Wooden Wave) paint magical landscapes of eco friendly graffiti tree houses.  In addition these structures feature solar panels and renewable energy sources. Above all, this couple definitely live by what they paint.  They try their best to conserve resources and use whatever resources they have to create their amazing pieces.

Solar panel renewable energy mural

Renewable Energy – Solar Panels Galore!

Eco Friendly Spray Paint Solutions

We realize that traditional spray paint is not the most environmentally friendly medium. As a result, we have been focusing on using water based spray paints that are low odor and safe for indoor use. Many of the big spray paint companies are also starting to move towards this eco friendly graffiti direction. Some of our favorite water based spray paint brands include MTN Water Based and Sugar Artists Acrylic. These paints are self proclaimed “revolutionary health conscious formula with high performance capabilities.” Furthermore, we will always stay away from using the toxic oil based paints you may find at local hardware stores!

Creative Environmentally Friendly Street Art

In addition to using eco friendly spray paint and various mediums, there are many conceptual approaches to creating green street art. Below are some examples of street art projects that we can help execute on our end. Firstly, as an artist run company, we never want to copy the artwork of another artist. Secondly, the artwork below serves as inspiration and we try our best to crediting the original artist (please contact us if anything is incorrect.) Thirdly, all of the eco friendly graffiti art that we create would be original. Finally, check out the photos of the awesome installations below:

Reverse Graffiti

Eco Friendly Graffiti - Reverse

Paul Curtis – Reverse Graffiti Installation in the UK

This was a project that involved eco friendly graffiti removal. Firstly, the process of this reverse artwork was created by removing graffiti or dirt & grime that existed on the wall. Secondly, using the negative space, we would be able to create imagery. Finally, this type of artwork is great for global climate change messaging. It is not intended to last forever when created in an urban environment. However, this is a great environmentally friendly solution for an activation of video production piece. We can use either a power washer or green cleaning solutions to create the artwork.

Moss Graffiti

Moss Eco Friendly Graffiti - Street Art

Unknown Artist – Moss Graffiti on Wood Boards

Another popular solution is to grow moss to create a graffiti image or design. Not all climates would work for this type of street art. As a result, we can affix already grown moss in cases where the weather does not cooperate. However, it also takes a long time for the moss to naturally grow. Therefore, this may not be a good solution for rush projects. In addition, we can integrate moss into existing murals to create a mixed media effect for the artwork.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an eco friendly graffiti solution e-mail us at or give us a ring at 646-801-6024.