Graffiti USA made a new Atlanta office mural located at Rubicon!

Armed with a powerful social mission, the team at Rubicon Global needed something visual. Because of that, they reached out to us!

We helped them create original artwork murals for two main areas in their Atlanta corporate office. While working on the concept phase, our team formed a clear direction for each mural. Rubicon’s guidance kept us grounded each step of the way.

For the stairway landing mural, the goal was to express the messaging currently inspiring Rubicon team members. Painted in a retro, faux-chalk motif, the mural sought to target key internal messaging. Unlike most chalk murals, standard acrylic paints provide the mural’s texture. This makes this piece of Atlanta mural art a permanent fixture that cannot smear easily.

The larger mural we painted is an illustration encompassing Rubicon’s story – yesterday, today, and it’s bright future. Once finished, it was placed in a large open area, where it can be visible to Rubicon employees and visitors. We used a wide variety of greens and blues to project the company’s environmentalism. Furthermore, we wanted the eye to follow the mural from left to right, as it signifies progress.

atlanta office mural rubicon waste solutions company

interior mural atlanta rubicon waste solutions company

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