Cartoon graffiti art brings out the kid in all of us, even the most professional of executive office workers. That’s exactly what we aimed for when crafting this mouse-tacular bit of art for one of our favorite clients.

Rooftop access is a major selling point in the increasingly crowded market of co-working spaces in New York City. Luxury office space company Jay Suites realized they needed to add something to help them stand out. They’ve turned to Graffiti USA more than once in the past, to help separate their sky-facing square footage from the rest. This time, they wanted to accentuate their outdoor patio.

This patio has a great view of the Empire State Building, but Jay Suites wanted to make it even greater. To complement the tourist-heavy vibe of New York City’s Midtown South, they asked us to create some fun and playful Mickey Mouse cartoon graffiti art. The brick, metal and glass of the surrounding buildings would instantly become brighter, cheerful, and more inviting.

We sat Mickey and his best girl, Minnie, on a ledge: legs dangling over the edge, their backs against the corrugated metal. The famous mice are looking off into the distance, admiring both the city and each other. The spire of the Empire State Building looms large behind them. Finally, some fresh paint drips all around them, a reminder to anyone utilizing this office space that they are in the middle of the greatest (graffiti) city in the world!

Check out our work below. Even if you prefer Bugs Bunny, you have to admit seeing these childhood bastions puts a smile on your face!

cartoon graffiti art mickey minnie mouse

cartoon graffiti art

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