A mural spray painted onto exposed brick for the Silicon Valley Bank new office in New York City. While we have done tons of mural with cliche NYC skylines, the client was open to our creative vision of creating more iconic imagery from a native New Yorker’s point of view. We can only paint so many Statue of Liberty and Empire State Buildings before it gets repetitive! Everyone was very happy with the end results of this project.

The process of painting on exposed brick is not as simple as spray painting on it as it requires a base coat of latex paint as a primer so that the raw brick doesn’t soak up all the paint. This way, the final design looks very opaque and crispy. Our artist also used low odor water based spray paint since it was created indoors. We took some direction on text from the client incorporating their color scheme and tag line “Make Next Happen Now.” Check out the completed mural below.

NYC Skyline Mural - Corporate Meeting Room

Street Art at Silicon Valley Bank Office in NYC

NYC Skyline Mural on Exposed Brick Wall

Meeting Room Graffiti Mural with Exposed Brick

NYC Skyline Mural - Sign Painting Text

Make Next Happen Now

NYC Skyline Mural  Corporate Office Graffiti

Mural in Corporate Office Space

Office Graffiti Mural Artist for Hire

Spray Painted Mural on Exposed Brick

For NYC skyline mural project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024