Just before the decade ended, Graffiti USA created some fantastic live art for a company party! 7Park Data is a NYC-based data transformation company, which organizes and redistributes Big Data for a wide variety of industries. The company’s event planners organized an end of the year bash for their employees. However, they turned to us for an unexpected twist to the usual activities.

Painting live for the duration of the night proved to be an interesting spectacle for the attendees. Our design aimed to capture 7Park’s specialty as a data company. We thought of the problem like this: Raw data is, by its very nature, messy and inconclusive. Therefore, 7Data’s task is to refine everything into a new format for their clients to analyze. Hopefully, each client can make better business decisions through it. We embraced the creative challenge to visually convey this idea.

First, Graffiti USA’s live art specialist painted a cityscape in the background. Once the background came together, he then painted a vague-looking machine in the foreground. Small details referencing data processing blend into NYC landmarks, as you can see in the photos below!

Graffiti USA's Live Mural Artist

7Park Presentation

Live art for a Company Party in NYC

NYC Live Mural (Closeup)

The industrial theme lent itself well to the party! NYC’s West Village contains a spectacular view of the Hudson River and the surrounding buildings. As a result, we consider our live art for a company party like 7Park’s a resounding success.

If you are in the five boroughs and you like what you see, check out more of our fantastic local artwork here! We hope to hear from you soon.