We recently hosted a Houston interactive art event in a corporate office.  Our client was a major global professional services firm.  The goal of our project was to make a memorable experience for employees at one of their company event. As a result, we proposed an interactive coloring mural solution.  Our solution seemed to match the artistically inclined group.  We worked with our outgoing local Houston graffiti artist who was a great fit for this project!

Firstly, we worked with the client on a design process for the Houston interactive art event.  Our local artist‘s theme of Houston pride focused on the innovative and entrepreneurial characteristics of the city.  In addition, we highlighted the iconic Houston exploration moments that were groundbreaking and adventurous.

Secondly, we provided a temporary freestanding canvas frame.  This allowed us to remove the canvas after the event to gift to the client.  Thirdly, we painted an outline of the approved design on the canvas prior to the event.  Finally, we setup the interactive art canvas in the client’s office the day of the event.

We provided paint markers and an experienced artist host for the interactive art event in Houston.  We assisted the employees as they filled in the outlined design with paint markers. Furthermore, the creative group had some freedom to add their unique spin to the piece.  In conclusion, this was a fun project that engaged the group.  As a result, it made for a memorable experience.

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Our Houston interactive art events are a great solution for unique event ideas.  In addition to live art at events, we also rent walls for hand painted outdoor advertisements in Houston.  Check out a previous nationwide mural project we did for Romeo Santos here.  Our artists have experience in graffiti & street art but are extremely professional.  Furthermore, we have worked on several custom murals for interior corporate offices as well as store front businesses. If you want to work with us at Graffti USA, shoot us an email at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024.