Houston mural artists are more active than ever before. Many of them are busy working with Graffiti USA, a graffiti and street art company completing projects nationwide. Recently, we took pictures of our street artists’ murals. Because we are so proud of their work, we decided to share these pictures with you!

The first photo is of an ocean-themed outdoor mural. Every detail in the painting is handmade, especially in the white lighting effects. However, the quality of this type of artwork continues into the second photo. The use of pearlescent colors and textures makes this pretty crustacean appear as though it came from a block party in space!

We love doing interior artwork for Mod Pizza! The next two images are some of our best work. For the first example, our graffiti artists decided to use 3D elements to create a more authentic depth of field. Every brown or orange tree you see is actually a panel raised about an inch off the wall. In the second example, we decided to make use of the overhead lighting to create interesting effects in the background. The metallic paint our street artists used reflects light off the wall, creating the illusion of more saturated colors.

Houston mural artists love cartoons and comic books! It’s what gets many such artists into the trade. Therefore, we’ll close out this photo album with a few exterior murals our clients wanted our artists to have a little fun with. Whenever our artists get the chance to do something like this, they do everything in their power to express the heroism or the goofiness many people are looking for in their superheroes and animated characters.

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