Graffiti USA‘s latest take on graffiti customization in Miami went extremely well! In the past, we created small scale street art for smaller companies. However, this latest project had us working side by side with a very prestigious company indeed.

Recently, Apple created a new digital payment service called Apple Pay. To kickstart the launch, Apple offers discounts on common items. Sometimes, unusual merchandise gets placed in the discount items lists whenever someone uses their interface for purchases. That’s where we came in.

At Basel House 2019, we partnered with Factory 360 & Apple Pay on a custom graffiti tote bag activation event. The art buyer demographic is often unable to take advantage of many deals and discounts. Art tends to appreciate over time, which means that the highest bidder is often the one to buy higher than market value. These totes could be $25 USD if buyers used cash. With Apple Pay, however, $2 USD was all they had to pay.

The sale was a success and we painted well into the balmy night. Graffiti customization in Miami allows us to have a little fun with our work. Therefore, our photographers caught a little bit of it in the photo album, available below!

Snapshot of Graffiti Customization

Graffiti USA Customization

Basel House 2019 - Activation Event

Miami Live Art - Apple Pay 2019

Miami is an incredible place for artists to work, and an even better place for businesses to find us! If you are in the Southern Florida area, and you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it, contact us today. Before you go, check out some more of our local artwork here!