Backdrop mural. We created a custom graffiti backdrop mural for a Miami event.  Taking a Philadelphia staple, the cheesesteak, and fusing it with Korean BBQ.  The result may be the best sandwich combination we’ve heard in a long time. Food vendor K-Steak melded this concept ingeniously and wanted their booth at the University of Miami food event to reflect that creativity.

Our client, Whitehouse Advertising, requested artwork that showcased Philly, Asian influence, and K-Steak’s signature hoagie, all with a street-art vibe. We fabricated 3 canvases: one main and two wall flats, and painted one continuous design, finished before and brought to the event. After that, we designed with urban and whimsical in mind. As a result, we created a city street montage and cheesesteaks with wings. Finally, see how this soared over our own expectations in the photos below.

Graffiti backdrop Mural

A close up on the left flank of the flying cheesesteaks. You can see some of the brick detail here, and in the background pieces the chain link fence also.

Street Art Backdrop Wall

Graffiti Mural in Miami

The neon and paper lamps add a nice 3D tactile element to the hand painted backdrop installation. The walls are fabricated in modular sizes of four feet by eight feet and can be used in a number of arrangements.

Miami Graffiti Mural Activation

Further detail shots above featuring the right flank K Steak flying cheese steak.

Graffiti Mural Backdrop in Florida

All of the elements working together in the wide shot of the backdrop mural above.

I could go for a Bulgogi Supreme Sandwich and some 5ive Spice Sweet Potato Fries right about now. Backdrop mural.