Mural street art in NY for an interior real esatate space.  We worked with our graffiti artist on a huge mural in midtown Vornado Realty Trust property.  The indoor street art mural was located at a high profile location in midtown, New York City.  Our artists designed alternating letters in their unique style that spelled out the word “CREATE!” This street art mural took about a week to complete and it came out amazing in the end! We incorporated something that had to do with 34th St. into all of the designs. Take a look at the images from the location below:

Mural Street Art in NY - Midtown Graffiti Artists

Firstly, we came up with a concept that utilized 7 sections of the wall.  We tied together each of the sections with a grayscale background.  In addition, the feature letter in each section would have a unique color tone.  We went with orange, blue, green, red and yellow.

Individually Spray Painted Mural Letters

Mural Street Art - New York City

Secondly, we alternated a graphic imagery theme for every other letter.  For example, in the first “C” we incorporated the empire state building, King Kong and some NYC cross walk imagery.

Midtown Street Art Interior Mural

Thirdly, the mural street art in NY wouldn’t be complete without some graffiti lettering.  The remaining letters used abstract designs such as the Macy’s star logo that were made up of words relating to 34th St.  in midtown.  We incorporated a lot of hidden messages for the viewer to discover!

NYC Themed Graffiti Mural Artist

Fourthly, we created a tonal transparency within the different letters .  This brought out the design and made it feel very fun.  We wanted to pay homage to existing mural street art in NY and bring it indoors.

Subway Mural Company

For the “A” adn “T” we included elements of the NYC subway as well as fire escapes and fire hydrants.  As a result, we had a lot of authentic NY imagery that was not too cliche.

Subway Letter Style Art

Red Toned Wall Art E

Finally, the last two letters paid homage to the Statue of Liberty, the Big Apple, Brooklyn Bridge and some street art posters of the classic I Love NY logo.

Yellow Mural Art Detail

In conclusion, this was one of our favorite projects that tied in a lot of our graffiti and street art roots with a modern mural.  We also loved incorporating true New York City local imagery into the artwork!

Creative Indoor Large Scale Art

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