Corporate office graffiti mural for a Manhattan workplace.  We worked with Gensler and MasterCard recently on a custom graffiti mural in their new NYC (Silicon Alley) office space.  Recently, we have seen a lot of the top young tech. companies inquiring about graffiti murals in their offices!  I think that the artwork definitely adds an element to the environment so that it doesn’t seem as corporate. We created an awesome spray painted mural based on the theme of “World Beyond Cash.” While MasterCard is known for their credit division, they are also a very technology driven company.

In addition, we also created some custom signage for their lobby/reception area as well as their bathroom doors.  Furthermore, we integrated a lot of the street art look into our designs while keeping it very clean/professional.  Check out some images of the artwork below:

Corporate Office Graffiti Mural for Mastercard HQ

Corporate Office Graffiti Art - World Beyond Cash

In addition to the main office graffiti, we also painted some bathroom signage.  The client wanted a splatter effect within the letters M and W.  As a result, we masked out the area with a custom cut stencil and had fun throwing paint around!  However, we were sure to protect the entire area before getting to work.

Restroom Abstract Mural

Abstract Bathroom Murals

Finally, we also designed and painted some abstract geometric shapes on the wall that continued on to the floor in the lobby.

Mastercard Office Street Art Installation

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