Mural artist in San Diego for hire. We collaborated with CAVA, a Mediterranean restaurant chain on a simple and graphic hand painted mural for their new location in Del Mar, CA. In the past, we have worked on several mural projects in the San Diego and So-Cal area. We are even responsible for the iconic Greetings from San Diego mural in North Park!

At first, we utilized our creative services to design an intricate custom mural for the location. However, we ended up painting a more minimal, but impactful design to blend in with surrounding businesses. As a result, the client decided to own the creative design internally while our team helped execute the production of the mural.

San Diego Mural Artist Agency

At our California mural agency, we offer creative design services for wall murals but we can also have murals painted of an existing design provided to us. Firstly, we assess our projects based on the number of unique designs. Secondly, we factor in the square footage of space we are covering. Thirdly, we are flexible to complete a job within a rush timeline. As a result, we can cater to client schedules with the amount of artists we have on our team.  In addition, we have an excellent project management team that spans coast to coast!

We created the CAVA mural to inspire selfies and sharing across social media. We have plenty of mural artists in San Diego for featured artist or in house projects. Our speed differentiates us from our competition. The Mural artists in San Diego that we work with mostly have a background in graffiti and street art. Therefore, we are used to working quickly and with limited resources. Let us use our talents to help make your creative visions come to life!

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