We recently painted an indoor parking garage mural in San Diego, California.  Iconic on Alvarado Apartments houses students attending San Diego State University that are living on campus. They were looking for graffiti murals to highlight elements of Southern California and attract millennial tenants.  The wall space to be used as a canvas was located inside of their parking garage.  As a result, we designed graffiti themed artwork including vibrant colors across several walls. The parking garage mural added a fresh facelift to the interior of the building as an impactful first impression.  We also included some hand painted signage that directed visitors to their leasing office.

We discussed several different mural approaches before landing on the final design.  In the end, we created a beach themed art haven greeting guests as they pulled in. The creative process for this parking garage mural took a few months to work through.  We decided to also leave more negative white space for the artwork to breathe and not feel too overwhelming.  Finally, we worked with local San Diego based artists to help execute the vision.

We have painted many type of interior spaces in the past from corporate offices in high rise buildings to smaller local businesses.  One thing that we take very seriously is the level of protection when using spray paint.  This recent job with the parking garage graffiti was no exception.  The client was very happy with the overall project experience!

Parking Garage Mural in San Diego

Parking Garage Graffiti for SDSU

Spray paint is the perfect medium for working across multiple surfaces with different texture.  As you can see in the example below, we were able to paint on everything from cinderblocks to roll down gates.

San Diego Mural Company - Parking Garage

San Diego Graffiti Company - Parking Garage

SD California Mural Agency

San Diego State Leasing Office Mural - Parking Garage Graffiti

University Student Housing Mural