Wall artist for hire specializing in street art murals with spray paint. Our graffiti artists paint large scale murals indoors and outdoors. Usually, people think that spray paint is a medium for only outdoor murals. However, with water based spray paint, we can achieve the same edgy aesthetic of street art indoors. In addition, we can mix brush and roller medium with aerosol art.

Kentucky Wall Street Artist for Hire

Typography Graffiti Mural

There are certain benefits of working with a wall artist for hire instead of a traditional scenic artist. First, we are skilled at working with rough textures on walls like stucco and brick. Second, we are used to creating artwork meant to be viewed from a distance. For instance, a studio artist may spend too much time focusing on detail that’s not even visible from afar. Third, we can install murals much faster than with traditional methods. Finally, we can freely express ourselves when working directly on walls unlike canvases.

Wall Art for Events

Permanent mural design and production are the specialty of our wall artists for hire. Similarly, we can create temporary art on walls for events. In addition to the artwork itself, we can build and fabricate temporary walls as canvases.  Furthermore, we can  keep or dispose of the freestanding walls after an event.

Adidas Graffiti Mural by Vizie for Graffiti USA

Vizie Adidas Mural

Team Building – Wall Art Experience

Our team building experiences allow participants to practice creating their own wall art with spray paint. The experienced wall artists for hire host the workshop and educate people on the history of murals and street art. In addition, this is a great team building activity for corporate clients.

Harlem Team Building Event - 25th Precinct

Community Graffiti Project

Our wall artist for hire company has roots in New York City, the birth place of graffiti art. From there, we branched out to providing our murals services all over the country.  As a result, we now have artists for hire in cities like Los Angeles and even Chicago.  Furthermore, some of our project management team is even based in Portland, OR.

In conclusion, we are the experts when it comes to wall artists for hire.  Visit our portfolio page to see all the different styles or murals.  When you are ready to work on a wall artist for hire project, call us at 646-801-6024.