Street art mural reveals street graffiti in a residential Santa Monica parking garage.  We designed and painted a custom graffiti mural in Los Angeles with a fun interactive concept.  Our design incorporated a photorealistic hand pulling back the wall to show colorful street graffiti tags.  As a result, our artwork was very interactive and gave dimension to a flat surface.

Check out the video of our mural progress shot and edited by our client:

Firstly, we consulted with the client on the type of street art mural style they were looking for.  Often times, clients reach out and want graffiti but what that actually means is that spray paint is the medium they are looking for.  Secondly, we narrowed down the direction to a mix of realism and street graffiti.  Thirdly, we went back and forth with some designs until we reached a finalized piece of art everyone was happy with!  Lastly, we painted the artwork within one day using spray paint.

Street Art Mural Graffiti Residential Art

Street Art Mural - Hand Pulling Curtain

Graffiti Tag Art on Gate

Graffiti Tag Quotes Detail

Completed Street Art Mural

Street Art Mural Wall Art on Gate

We used spray paint in an interior space for this street art mural installation.  Our goal is to keep the space very clean exactly as we found it.  Therefore, we protected every square inch to protect from over spray.  In addition, we want to go above and beyond for our customers and over deliver when it comes to the detail of the street art mural artwork.  As a result, we hope to have repeat satisfied customers.  Check out the before and after photos below:

Before Street Art Mural Wall

Street Art Mural Styles for Interior Spaces

We use a variety of mediums for our interior street art murals.  Some of the mediums we use include spray paint, markers, wheat paste and brush.  As a result, we are able to bring in the layered aesthetics from the outdoors.  For this project, the client was a big fan of the witty concepts from world renowned street artist Banksy.  It was an honor to make their creative vision come to life with their direction!

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