Wheat Paste Artist. We recently teamed up with an interior designer to create a custom residential street art installation. Using wheat paste, stencils and spray paint, we created a layered street art mural. Our brand palette this time was that of the New York Knicks. The overall theme was sports related as well. The central figures in the layout are champion boxer Muhamad Ali and all star NBA center Patrick Ewing. Content for the finer layers of hand-style textures came from inspirational quotes from famous athletes. This project also reminded us of a past installation we did at a corporate gym in NYC for Fundamental Advisors. Check out a photograph of the recent installation below:

Wheat Paste Artist - Graffiti for hire

Multi media installations like these are a fun opportunity to bring bits of the outside in. The various elements and layers that come together over time in public space create a visual language that we try to borrow from in designs like this one. Names of family members are a popular request when creating the graffiti or tagging content. Your little brother is keeping pretty good company on the board with Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis, Wayne Gretsky and their peers – happy to make it happen.

For wheat paste artist project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024