Wheatpaste street artists for hire in New York.  We created this street art mural in the Fundamental Advisor‘s new corporate gym in New York City. Our artsts had a lot of fun painting this one as it was mostly freestyle. We incorporated sports quotes and posters provided by the client.  As a result, the artwork had a lot of layers.

Our client, “Fundamental advisors is a leading alternative asset manager dedicated to the municipal markets. Founded in 2007 as a private equity firm focused on revitalizing distressed assets, Fundamental now offers a range of investment vehicles that capitalize on the growing opportunity set in the municipal market.” Check out some photographs from the installation below:

Wheatpaste Street Artist

Firstly, we layered gray tones into the background to create a base texture.  Secondly, we added graffiti tags and embellishments.  Thirdly, we wheatpasted the posters in strategic locations.  Finally, we hand painted the quotes in spray paint.

Street Art Gym Mural

We also spray painted some texture on the lockers to give it a vintage feel.  This way, the gym felt like an authentic boxing gym locker room.  As a result, this gym felt like you were enetering a different world from the corporate environment.

Wheatpaste Street Art Graffiti Interior

Street Art Gym Mural

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