We helped with a fun activation build in 2018 at ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA.  The outdoor booth was in partnership with Chinatown Market x Foot Locker.  This was a really fun project where we built a custom smiley face backboard and attached it to a boom lift.  As a result, this allowed the client to adjust the hoop to extreme heights!  Guests lined up to take shots to win a prizes from the brand.  In addition, we built a double sided vinyl graphic wall with information about the event and brand.

There were even some celebrity guest appearances trying to make some shots.  We love working with fun brands on activation builds!  You can see some of the other fabrication projects we’ve done in our portfolio.  Check out some images from the ComplexCon project below.

foot locker activation build

activation build los angeles

complexcon activation build out

los angeles fabrication

event fabrication

art fabrication

chinatown market activation

basketball activation build