We worked on a street set build out promoting Creed II for 2018’s ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA.  Our team replicated a famous Philadelphia boxing gym that was a main location setting in the movie. We created an exterior faux brick wall with street graffiti and wheat pastes of the movie posters. After that, we decorated the interior with lockers, benches, speed bags and more. Finally, we painted a huge logo on the floor of the boxing ring that was in the space. In conclusion, it was a successful booth that was always packed with tons of experiences.

Graffiti Set Fabrication for ComplexCon

Set Fabrication for ComplexCon

Boxing Gym Set Build

Creed II Gym Build Out

Boxing Gym Fabrication Build

Graffiti Street Set Build Out

Boxing Gym Street Booth Build Out

Experiential Build Out

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