Venice Beach mural we hand painted to kick off an IT staffing company campaign. We partnered with our agency partners Drew & Sarah to create a custom mural on a high visible Venice Beach wall.  The purpose of this artwork was to kick off a nationwide mural campaign with Insight Global. The wall was located directly on the Venice boardwalk with beautiful views of the ocean.  We had a job site with a view that sure beats working inside a corporate office.

Venice Beach Mural Wall on Boardwalk

We painted the mural in conjunction with another one that went up in New York City at the same time.  The concept was to show the coverage from coast to coast.  With the loss of jobs from the recent pandemic, the staffing company was investing in the future of job growth in the IT sector.

We provide a selection of outdoor Venice Beach mural walls to rent along the boardwalk.  In a city full of cars and traffic, this is one of the highest foot traffic locations in Southern California.  We also painted in a location that has the highest tourism traffic as well.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, this area was full of life on a sunny Saturday.

Boardwalk Hand Painted Advertisement

Painting our Venice Beach Mural

Mural Wall Prep in Venice

Firstly, we got to work priming the wall white to prepare for our pounce pattern.  When doing perfect circles, we opt to use brush instead of spray paint to keep the lines crispy.  Circles are actually some of the hardest elements to hand paint!  We can easily throw them into a digital design.  However, it’s a whole different story when tasked to do it by hand.

Paint Supplies & Brushes

WIP Hand Painted Mural

We love to interact with all of the interesting characters along the boardwalk.  It’s not often that someone gets to see someone painting a mural.  We educate the public when asked all kinds of process questions.  In fact, we feel that a wall actually gets more views during the painting process itself.  As a result, we always recommend that clients put up their branding elements first to capture these views.

LA Boardwalk Beach Mural

We love watching the public getting into our murals.  We generally paint our murals ground level to allow for this interactive element. Therefore, we see all kinds of creative photo shoots that we’re tagged in.

Video Capture - Venice Street Art Mural

Video Capture - Venice Street Art Mural

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