There is one reason why this outdoor mural in Venice Beach is special to Graffiti USA. Working closely with Nongshim Noodles USA, we were able to launch our longest standing outdoor mural campaign ever!

This piece of street art represented the Nongshim brand in the heavy traffic of the Venice Beach Boardwalk. With the design lasting a full six months in Venice, the client’s main goal was to encourage pedestrians to take images and engage with the mural.

In the beginning, our team presented Nongshim with a variety of walls available for the campaign. We limited to locations to Los Angeles – however, Venice Beach was where we set up shop. Once we agreed on the spot, the client provided us with the finished approved artwork. Our team handled everything regarding its production.

Below, you can see images of the finished product:

Outdoor Mural in Venice Beach

Slurping Tiger Mural in LA

Nongshim Mural Photo Opportunity 1

The design Nongshim wanted was very detailed. Each subject, such as the tiger, the rabbit, and the jade tree appears to be straight out of a watercolor. Therefore, it was going to be a challenge. However, we nailed the execution – and everyday people agreed.

We return to the wall often to capture images of people interacting with the mural, taking pictures, and staring at its beauty!

Nongshim Mural Photo Opportunity 2

Instagram Ready Mural in Venice Beach

The Crowds of Venice Beach - LA

No other outdoor mural in Venice Beach may achieve the level of longevity this one has. As such, we can’t help but be proud of Nongshim, our artists, and the work they made together.

However, we don’t intend to rest on our laurels. Graffiti USA is always on the lookout for new opportunities to do something special for our clients. If you’re searching for a local street artist for hire in the LA area, look no further than us!