Blue Engine Marketing, an agency specialized in experiential marketing, events and production reached out for our help in aligning them with a typography artist to represent their client HGTV Magazine.  The activation was held at this year’s 2018 NY Blogger Block Party event. In partnership with 3M tape, they wanted to kick off the day with live artwork including a tutorial of their products in use.

Chosen for her fun and bubbly style, range in craft, and experience in handwritten typography, HGTV Magazine wanted Steffi Lynn to help bring their brand to life for local bloggers visiting the pop up party. With light direction from the client to include 3M’s slogan and a NY city theme, Steffi created custom sketches to take the project and align it with her personal and distinct style. Using Sherwin Williams paint and 3M painter’s tape she was able to create smooth and sharp lines for the cities dynamic skyline, while also protecting the canvases border from any spill over paint strokes.

The collaboration was a good fit for all parties involved. Bloggers were able to watch Steffi’s artwork come to fruition in front of their eyes with the final piece available for photo opportunities at the end of the event.