We are pleased to work with Seattle sign painter and muralists alike. For example, during this particular project we reached out to our artist Todd Lown. As an experienced sign painter, he was the perfect fit for our project with Redhook Brewery.

As a new client, Redhook Brewery wanted to keep the project and creative fairly straight forward. They looked to our team for a Seattle Sign Painter to replicate their branding for their latest beer drop, Extra Special Bitter Ale. Since the design includes intricate and straight letters, we couldn’t use the medium of spray paint. Instead, we recommended the traditional method of sign painting with paint and brush. This slow and tedious process can be very relaxing and pleasing to watch. Which is why it was perfect for this small event in Seattle.

First, our Seattle Sign Painter started some of the background shapes and colors in advance to the event. This preparation helped give him enough time to project the design and space out the lettering perfectly. Then, live during the event he hand-painted the lettering and Redhook logo. Guests were able to watch the progression of the artwork throughout the duration of the event. They also had the opportunity to sample the new beer. They were able to see first hand how focused a Seattle sign painter needs to remain. Additionally, guests were able to see how time consuming it is for a sign painter to get the letters perfectly. It is not an easy task!

Needless to say, our artist did an amazing job and the client was very pleased. In conclusion, the client was able to keep the artwork after the event to hang within one of their restaurants or office space.

Seattle Sign Painter Images

Please take a look at some of the photos of the Redhook Brewing work in progress below:

Seattle graffiti artist for hire

Seattle Sign Painter

"Seattle Sign Painter

Seattle Sign Painter

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