Pasadena artist for hire specializing in live art for events. We had planned to paint some custom canvases for the college football teams playing in this year’s 2021 Rose Bowl in Pasadena. However, due to the So-Cal COVID restrictions, the game was moved to the last minute to Arlington, TX at AT&T stadium. As a result, we painted our custom canvases in advance and had them shipped out to Texas from Los Angeles.

Alabama Rose Bowl 2020 - Pasadena Artist

Notre Dame Street Art by Pasadena Artist

We are a local Pasadena contemporary art collective, so we love to paint anything related to our community. The Tournament of Roses hosts the annual Rose Bowl and Rose Parade here in Pasadena. We were very excited to partner with them on this opportunity. 2020 was a strange and difficult year to say the least. Therefore, we wanted to provide some dynamic graffiti art to inspire both of the teams at their hotels. We gifted the completed artwork for both teams to take with them.  As a result, they can enjoy the art either at home or work.

Pasadena Rose Bowl Teams – Pasadena Artists

This year, the two college football teams that made it to the Rose Bowl were Alabama and Notre Dame. We gathered information about both team’s colors and created custom spray-painted canvases to match their aesthetics. We also filmed a live time-lapse of the Pasadena artists painting the murals.

Pasadena Artist - Sign Painter

For the Tournament of Roses logo, we worked with a Pasadena sign painter artist to create the fine detailed lines  The football, team logo and roses were all created with spray paint.

Pasadena Street Art - Notre Dame

Our Pasadena artists snuck in some lucky clovers for the Notre Dame canvas!  We wish both teams the best of luck in the unique 2020 Rose Bowl.

Alabama Crimson Graffiti Canvas

Alabama Crimson – 2020 Rose Bowl Graffiti Art Timelapse (Pasadena Artists)

Notre Dame – 2020 Rose Bowl Graffiti Art Timelapse (Pasadena Artist)

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