Digital Graffiti. Using the latest in Virtual Reality technology, we can create real time digital graffiti artwork while onlookers watch the process at your event. Our graffiti & street artists are all trained to use this VR technology to create virtual graffiti & street art. While our artists are professional spray paint artists in real life, they also specialize in using this technology to create live art without the mess and fumes from regular spray paint.

During your event, We would project a large image of the artwork being created. Some options would also include an additional VR headset for the audience to watch in a virtual environment from a third person point of view. There are options to save the work and replay a time lapse video of each piece created.

There are many different environments that we can paint on including brick walls, freight trains, trucks, rooftops, etc.

We also offer interactive options of allowing people to try painting graffiti artwork themselves without the worry of getting paint on themselves and having to wear protective gear.

Requirements for digital graffiti
– 10 x 10 ft. Footprint
– Electric outlets
– Ideally indoor venues or covered
– Darker environments are always ideal
– Wi-fi connection

Google Live Digital Graffiti

Creating a Google Logo in VR

Live Interactive Digital Graffiti

VR Graffiti Art

Virtual Reality Live Art Painting

Virtual Reality Live Art for Events

VR Headset - Digital Graffiti Technology

VR Headset – Digital Graffiti Technology

VR Headset - Digital Graffiti Technology

Live Digital Spray Paint Art

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